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We have celebrated over 40 years as professionals and artisans.  As professionals, we have served as University professors and administrators.  Dr. Patrick Schloss was professor and Chair of Special Education at the University of Missouri, Penn State, and retired as president of Valdosta State University. Pat has written over 20 books, some of which have been the most frequently adopted textbooks in university special education programs.  Dr. Maureen Schloss was Professor of Special Education at Buffalo State College and was the superintendent of the South Dakota School for the Deaf in Sioux Falls.

Regardless of career, we have maintained a focus on the arts, studying in faculty studios of the universities in which we served. We have also exhibited at major arts festivals throughout the country, including Santa Cali Gon Days Festival in Missouri, Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair, Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, the Kutztown Pennsylvania Folk Festival, and Gatlinburg Tennessee Craftsmen Fair. 

We now join our passion for persons with disabilities and higher education with our love of the arts.  All profits support persons with disabilities and higher education. The Schloss Pottery Foundation, managed by Rebecca Schloss Kinney, has an endowment exceeding $100,000. It provides a minimum a five scholarships for post-secondary education support for persons with disabilities.


We specialize in table and desktop fountains made from our traditional wheel thrown bowls and crocks.  We formulate our own clays and glazes, ensuring that our work is artistically and commercially successful.  We exhibit throughout the East Coast and Midwest and benefit from substantial patron support. 

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